Administrative Team

Thornton Mission and Vision Statement
Thornton Admin Team

Front row, L-R

Jessica Reyes, 6th Grade Counselor, Ali Abdin, 8th Grade Assistant Principal, Beth Muyskens, Academic Achievement Specialist, Mary Becher, Director of Instruction, Humberto Abitua, 7th Grade Assistant Principal, and Rashalyn Wiggins, 8th Grade Counselor

Back row, L-R

Pamela Broussard, 7th Grade Counselor, Brandy Breaux, 6th Grade Assistant Principal, Reginal Mitchell, Principal, Kimberly Wilson, Academic Achievement Specialist, Jennifer Seams, DI Helping Teacher, and Shernesha Thacker, Behavior Specialist 

Name Title Phone
Reginal Mitchell Principal (281) 856-1507
Mary Becher Director of Instruction (281) 856-1505
Ali Adin Assistant Principal (281) 345-3514
Humberto Abitua Assistant Principal (281) 345-3230
Brandy Breaux Assistant Principal (281) 856-1522
Pamela  Broussard Counselor (281) 856-1552
Rashalyn Wiggins Counselor (281) 345-3651
Jessica Reyes Counselor (281) 856-1523

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